Triggered Events

Give instant reactions to customer behaviors, engage in real time.

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Reach Your Customers Just in Time

Muyki's goal is to ensure that customer happiness is precise and maximized, which is why it enables you to approach your customers through triggered events. In short, the most appropriate way to engage in real-time with the customer you are contacting and the audiences you are addressing is through triggered events.


real time engagement rate


higher ROI than conventional methods

Numbers doesn't lie!


Daily Triggered Events


Revenue Growth


Customer Satisfaction

Muyki does not overlook the e-mails, messages, or SMS that should be sent at the most urgent times. Additionally, as it makes use of the omnichannel marketing system, it ensures consistency in your spontaneous customer communications. You can trigger up to 20 different events like sending emails or displaying popups under dozens of different conditions. Some of sample scenarios are:

If contact is visiting from UK, gender is Female and she is under 30 years old; show a popup and send an email.

If contact is never downloaded app and did not bought anything before; send a discount SMS and notification.

If contact had 5 sessions last week and forgot products in cart; remind its leftover shopping with voice call.

If contact device is mobile and brand is Apple; send notifications that recommending Apple accessories.

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You can create templates and send triggered messages via Muyki. In addition, triggered emails are among the communication types you can send.

With the ready-made templates offered by Muyki, you can set conditions and send instant messages or e-mails to your customers.

Muyki's triggered messages make it quick to send marketing materials, push notifications, instant mails, and much more. Triggered messages can be used for a variety of problems and are one of the best strategic marketing decisions you can make.