Success doesn't just happen. It's planned for. ― Anonymous

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Our Roadmap

We are a fast developing, dynamic and strong startup. We have accomplished great things in a short time and we will continue to do so. We would like to show you our vision by sharing our roadmap with you.

In Development Now

1 Rest API to manage contacts  - Create, update and delete contacts over Rest API
2 Popup designer  -Design and customize your own popups
3 WhatsApp integration  - Send messages and notifications over WhatsApp

Planned For Next 4 Months

1 Discord integration  - Send messages and notifications over Discord
2 Shopify integration  - One click setup for Shopify
3 WooCommerce integration  - One click setup for WooCommerce
4 Custom Dashboards  - Create and customize dashboards for different use cases
5 More detailed contact profile  - A new contact profile experience including CRM features
6 Periodic Notifications and Reports  - Get daily or weekly reports to your email with amazing visualizations
7 Team Users Feature  - Share and manage the projects with team users
8 Analytic Kitchen Module  - Drag & Drop builder for your own data visualizations (it is amazing)