Omnichannel Engagement

Reach and engage with your customers over 20+ channel.

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Make Engagement Seamless

Marketing is sometimes an invitation, sometimes a sales offer. It is necessary to achieve a balance between them to be able to influence your customers to create long-term relationships.

Muyki invites your customers to opportunities. In short, omnichannel engagement fulfills the invitation in question at such a right time that your relationship with the customer results with ROI.

  • Email
  • SMS, WhatsApp
  • Popups, Widgets

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Muyki enables you reach your target audience through different channels.

1. Send Real-Time Messages To Customers

Engage with the customers over 20+ channels in a personalized way in situations that occur under specified conditions

2. Send Bulk Messages To Segments

Segment your contacts according to hundreds of different criteria and access these segments from different channels whenever you want.

3. Sequentially Engage With Flows

Create nurture flows and determine the next action based on what happens at each step of the flow. You design the customer journey.

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You may offer unified communication to your customer's thanks to Muyki's Omnichannel Engagement tools. In this way, it makes your customer support quality at a high level by quickly ensuring that you take the right actions at the right time. Also, Muyki performs this process in a mobile-friendly and integrated manner with other platforms.

The omnichannel marketing system allows you to analyze your customers entirely spot on, and it will enable you to raise your brand to a more competitive position. It is possible to influence your customers by using technology with omnichannel marketing. Moreover, you can also send notifications to your customers at the right time and via ready-to-use templates.

You can virtually convey your messages with ready-made templates. Unlimited template ideas that you can build with drag & drop style templates, e-mail diagrams, and many more aims are at your fingertips with Muyki.