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Get to know your customers better and give them personalized experiences.

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Learn your customer's behaviour

Although the advertising system brings success, it does not contain customized approaches to your customers. However, Muyki's analysis and notification system allow you to produce ads that are appropriate for your customer portfolio. In addition, with Muyki, you can analyze what your customers like and what types of ads they react to, and you can get to know your target audience closely.

Realistically determining your needs while reaching your customers improves your understanding of advertising. You can discover many features with Muyki, from what you like to buy to your personal purchase history. In short, make your customer familiar with your brand with fast and high-accuracy marketing moves.

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Real-time action


Predictions with a high accuracy rate


Realistic analysis


High conversion rate

Which Problems Does Muyki Solve?

Muyki is quite successful in closing the missing aspects of customer data. The customer analysis service offered by Muyki provides real-time analysis. Moreover, you can also send integrated marketing notifications and messages through Muyki's communication channels. You can mobilize your customers to recognize your brand.

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By conducting precise and consistent data analytics, Muyki's customer analysis aims to deliver advertising that corresponds to consumers' behavior. Thus, Muyki, which offers a personalized advertising and message system, turns your customer relationships into the strongest possible version.

Providing the appropriate analysis at the right time and mobilizing are the three main parts of Muyki's customer analysis.

Knowing your customers means providing the right marketing strategy by analyzing their behavior. With the detailed analysis data offered by Muyki, you can create the most effective approach for your brand.