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E-commerce infrastructures offer you a fast and easy e-commerce experience. These infrastructures allow you to enter e-commerce very quickly. Thanks to Muyki's e-commerce integrations, you can take your e-commerce to the next level by taking advantage of its one-click installation features.

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With Shopify integration, you can integrate Muyki with one click and start increasing your sales.


Integrating Muyki into the world's most used e-commerce infrastructure is just a click away.


Professionalism comes when Magento is mentioned. Muyki's magento integration takes this level higher.


Opencart is an open source e-commerce infrastructure. Muyki can be installed on opencart with one click.


Prestashop is also an open source fast and quality e-commerce infrastructure and is one click away from Muyki.


Integrating Ticimax with Muyki is no more difficult than turning on your computer.


Integrate Muyki into Tsoft, one of the popular e-commerce infrastructures, and increase your sales.


Ideasoft is the trustworthy e-commerce ecosystem of years. We support this trust with Muyki.


Ikas made a rapid entry into the sector with its fast infrastructure. Muyki adds efficiency to this speed.

CRM, Analytics and Marketing

CRMs, Marketing tools and analytics tools are essential tools of a business. By integrating these tools, Muyki helps you keep your existing ecosystem up-to-date and intelligently protect the data flow.

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Active Campaign

Keep your campaigns in two-way sync with Active Campaign integration.


Sync your nurture flows from Drip. Stream all your flows on Muyki.


You can sync your contacts and their information bidirectionally with the most popular CRM application.


Strengthen your conversations with your customers on Intercom with Muyki..


Marketo, a powerful marketing tool, opens a new page with Muyki integration.

Facebook Pixel

Let your Facebook pixel data flow to Muyki, give instant answers and visualize them. Muyki is groundbreaking.

Google Tag Manager

Integrate Muyki data collectors with Google Tag Manager and bring Muyki's great features to Tag Manager.

Yandex Metrica

More powerful with yandex metrica Muyki, which provides high-level customer data and it's just as easy to integrate.


The world's most powerful CRM and marketing platform Salesforce, provides bidirectional data flow with Muyki integration.


Zapier connects you everywhere, Muyki connects you to Zapier. So Muyki connects you everywhere.


Connect to ZOHO, one of the popular CRMs, with Muyki integration. It's also very easy.

Productivity And Others

Productivity tools, CMSs, communication tools and similar tools play important roles in a business. Job tracking becomes easier, communication strengthens and productivity increases. Connecting this ecosystem to Muyki takes you 3 steps ahead, not 1 step.

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Write data to Mongo, read data from Mongo. Your database is transferring data bidirectionally to Muyki, what could be more amazing.


You can connect to PostgreSQL, the world's most powerful open source relational database engine with Muyki and provide bidirectional data flow.


Airtable is a powerful productivity tool and has Muyki Airtable integration.


Imagine opening your customer requests as a task in Asana. We thought and made this integration.


Submit any information you want as a notification on Discord. An integration that will seduce you.

Google Sheets

Automatically export your Muyki data to Google Sheets. What's even more interesting is that you can export data from sheets to Muyki!


Send notifications to your Slack channels, send Slack activity to Muyki. It's almost like a dream.


Webflow is a popular CMS and you can add Muyki to your Webflow sites with one click and start interacting instantly.


Integrating Muyki into wordpress, the world's most used CMS, is just installing a plugin. What more!