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Impress your customers as they are close to purchase by interacting with them in real time.

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It is possible to make your customers' site visits more meaningful and frequent. For example, you can reach your target audience full-time using the real-time marketing strategies offered by Muyki. With Muyki, wherever your customers are, you can be there at the right time!

With Muyki's omnichannel marketing strategy, you can make the visits of your contacts and target audience to your site more meaningful. For example, you can personalize them by creating consistent messages and notifications. Then contact your customers in an integrated way through channels such as Telegram, and WhatsApp, which we have integrated with the right timing.

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Show popups and widgets


Send emails, SMS, WhatsApp Messages


Trigger Webhooks


Send Notifications and more

Set Realistic Goals with Muyki

You can use marketing strategies to reach the customer. For this, you can take advantage of Muyki and its affordable prices. Thus, save on advertising with distinct progress thanks to Muyki's real-time communication channels. Guarantee your sales thanks to Muyki's superior analysis technology and data warehouse products.

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Muyki uses affordable products that will maximize customer communication and experience in digital participation. Thus, with Muyki, you can turn the site visits of your customers and target audience into a pleasant journey.

Muyki translates your customers' site visits into a communication network. In this way, it perfects the customer experience by making the promotion of your brand at the right time.

Muyki uses many products that will work to increase your brand value related to customer participation. Omnichannel marketing, the possibility of deep analysis with a data warehouse, and integrated work with areas where customer activity is intense such as Telegram, and Messenger are among the skills of Muyki.