Data Warehouse and Analytics

Collect and analyze all your customers' data in one place.

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How do we solve problems in collecting and analyzing customer data?

It may take a lot of your time to collect customer data and analyze it. Moreover, large amounts of data can be a nuisance in terms of creating datasets.

You can collect any customer data with Muyki and analyze it for your target audience or trending things in the most accurate and orderly way.

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Collect any type of customer data from any source like web, mobile, IoT etc.


Create custom dashboards with perfect visualizations for your special needs.


Get periodic insights to your email based on your criteria and filters.


Export data to excel, csv, pdf, integrated tools and many other options.

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Muyki brings you big data in a way that you can turn into action.

1. Generate Audiences

Use your data to filter and group customers. So you can target these audiences more effectively.

2. See Trending Activities

Track the most happening activities in your ecosystem like the most viewed or the most returned products.

3. Keep Your Data Sync

Sync your data with your other BI tools, export to files or export to the cloud. It's all so easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Muyki provides visualization and practicality while allowing you to analyze the data in the best possible way. It also allows you to export the data to ETL tools for later evaluation and aligns all the data before analysis. With Muyki, you can ensure that the communication you establish with customers is of high quality with very affordable budget planning.

Among the ETL tools that enable you to handle your data are Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.

Data analysis, data warehouse products that enable you to perform these analyzes effectively, and ETL tools are among the components of Muyki.