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Analyzing the behavior of your customers allows you to make more sales and make more accurate decisions. Moreover, you don't need to hypnotize a customer to convince them about shopping. One of the most important tools in engaging with the customer is messaging. With Muyki, you can send your messages to your customers through many different channels.

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Send triggered emails, send bulk emails to audiences, and use email in nurture flows.


Reach your customers anytime, anywhere with the most used messaging application in the world.


Give instant reactions with SMS, send informative SMS, organize campaigns by sending bulk SMS.


Add color to SMS and send as MMS. Deliver your multimedia content to the audiences via MMS.


1.3 billion people use Messenger. Don't you think it's wise to use this channel? We think yes.


Completely secure, encrypted, fast and easy to use. You will never miss your customers using Telegram

Viber for Business

Catchy messages and interactive posts are on Viber. Stand out when engaging with your audiences.


Line is the most popular chat app in South East Asia, you must give it a try!


It is in your hands to guide your customers' behavior in buying or spending time on your site. You can lead your brand to growth by achieving guaranteed sales results. Simple actions like showing a popup on the website, making a voice call, bring customers closer to buying. Muyki provides you with these possibilities.

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Popups are ideal for reaching customers instantly and giving precise messages. It can be used on both web and mobile.


Widgets are ideal for collecting data. For example, you can collect data with a survey, a rating or a form widget.


Send customer interactions with webhooks to the desired web address with additional information.

Voice Call

Call your customers and play your messages out loud using IVR. What a wonderful experience!

Video Call

Make video calls with customers browsing your website and mobile app. Pretty impressive!


Notifications are most used channels to interact with customers in the digital environment. On the other hand, notifications supported by omnichannel and data warehouse products used by Muyki allow you to perform excellent customer engagement.

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Web Push

Send targeted and direct notifications to browsers with web notifications, increase your ROI.

Mobile Push

Mobile notifications target mobile apps rather than browsers. It's as close as integrating your mobile app with Muyki.