Muyki is a data-driven
growth platform

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your customers' every move into data and offer them a personalized experience. We offer companies grow using data.

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We bring solutions to grow with data

Use Case 1

Track customer movements and engage with them in real time

Do you track your customers in real time? Do you know your customers beforehand and show them instant reactions at every step they take?

For example, can you encourage a customer who frequently visits your e-commerce site to add the product to the cart by showing a popup while viewing the most profitable product on your site?

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Integrate With Muyki

Integrate to your website, mobile app and physical store to Muyki in a few steps


Track Your Customers

Activate ready-made or customized data collectors to track your customer movements


React Instantly

Give instant reactions like showing popups or sending emails that work according to the rules you set



Track your contacts from multiple sources with our data collectors and discover them deeply.



Visualize the collected data and gain meaningful insights. See the big picture at a glance.



Segment your contacts based on their interests, past activities and a wide variety of criteria.



Reach the segments through about 20 different channels like Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Push and more.

Engage your customers with over 15 channels

Muyki offers several channels for you to engage your contacts. You can use these channels for instant reactions, to engage in bulk or to manage your digital marketing activities.

  • Email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp
  • Voice, Video and Text Chat
  • Popups, Web and Mobile Push

20+ Integrations

Muyki keeps you sync with your existing ecosystem with over 20 integrations.

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